There were once over 2000 hand carved carousels in the U.S. There are approximaetley 250 remaining.  Some put together from parts and pieces or with newly carved animals.  

The original carousel from Coeur d'Alene's Playland Pier is a 1922  Spillman Jr carousel, hand carved in North Tonawanda New York.   

The carousel,  a traveling carnival model, truly a children's Merry-Go-Round, was at Playland Pier for over 30 years.

It disappeared in the mid 70's to destinations unknown.  

Playland Pier Circa 1947

Coeur d'Alene Carousel Foundation | PO Box 170 CdA ID 83816 | 208-666-4879 | Tax Deductible 501(c)3

Coeur d'Alene Carousel
Amusement in Coeur d'Alene

John & Pat Foote - Benefactors

Carol & Duane Perron - Carousel Saviors

The Footes have given our community a wonderous gift.  We are sad John did not live to see his dream up and operational, but his legacy will live on in the laughter and joy the carousel will bring.

​In Loving Memory:  John Foote
November 13, 1944 - February 22, 2014

The Missoulian - article

Carousel history

​​1942-1975 - Playland Pier operates where Independence Point is now by Earl & Lorraine Somers.  It boasts many amusement rides and includes a Merry-Go-Round.  It becomes Barber's Coast when purchased by Ray Barber in the 60's. The park is dismantled around 1974 and the remaining park buildings burn December 18, 1975.

1986 - The carousel resurfaces at an auction in Puyallup WA in 1986.  Duane and Carol Perron expected to find only a few ponies at the auction, but were surprised to find the entire carousel intact. Coeur d'Alene native, Carol (Jackson), convinced Duane to bid on it.  They purchased it, paying a premium, to bid on it in it's entirety.  It was added to the vast collection at their carousel museum in Hood River Oregon.  It was lovingly restored and traveled to many places for hire, including Vancouver BC, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

1996 - Artist Theresa Mather is commissioned to repaint the art panels, using photos provided by Carol Perron from the Coeur d'Alene area for inspiration.

​2010 - John & Pat Foote, new residents to Cd'A, see an article in the Press and contact local carousel supporters, spearheaded by Richard LeFrancis about the carousel.

2011- John & Pat Foote contact Richard LeFrancis & the Perrons and purchase the carousel for $250,000 and gift it to the newly formed carousel foundation.  The search begins for a new home.

2015- The area between Memorial Field and City Park is approved for revitalization as part of the Four Corners plan. In October 2015,  the carousel is approved for a location and a lease as part of the plan.  Fundraising begins for the new building.  Bud Ford offers matching pledge towards fundraising and pledges $200,000 towards the project.

2016 - May 24th, Groundbreaking on new building!

June 9, 2017 - Grand Re-Opening Day